Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What a day!!!

Am i sounding to much like a chessy impersonator of president reagan.
Been a busy week, another birthday come and gone
working on new projects
fixing to launch my art to a unknowing public
I am a creator of ARTISIAN QUALITY Appalachian, Halloween, ChristmaS and Folk ART..
I first started drawing when i was a wee lad. then i made art for fun.
when i was in the 12th grade, i was entered (i did not know i was) into a compition at the most expensive college in the state of Georgia.I brought my art in a big old envelope, i seen all the other people with there fancy smancy expensive daddy bought carry all for there art, I just kmew there was not a chance in hades I would win.
Well i won one of the 3 full ART scholarships they were offering, with my raggedy old envelope full of art.
I quit college that same year, i guess in part of the b.s. and the fact they prabably thought my art was not ARTISIAN QUALITY also.
I quit making art for a long time, My art slept like Rip VanWinkle did.
One day me and my taylor bug(fiancee) was in the indoor flea market in our hometown and meet Southern fried studios and after a few encounters with the owner, I felt the bug to awaken Mr. VanWinkle.
So here I am, if like my stuff, let me know, if you dont like it, thats fine,you know what they say about opinions.
Let me know if i can help you
Let me know if i can pray for you
let us be friends
Thanks for stopping by and reading my B.S. hhmm! my blog
I love all you guys
I am a creator of QUALITY ARTISIAN works of art


  1. Hello Kip,

    Lance asked us followers to check you out......so here I am. I'd love to see your work, is there anywhere you have more images, an Etsy store, an Ebay store, or a collection???? I'd also love it if you stopped by to see my site and check out my work.

    Best of luck to you in your new adventure.

    ImagiMeri's Creations

  2. yes Meri i have an etsy acct.
    Thanks for coming by and i am going to check your sites out for sure.