Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Thats the first words frosty the snowman said in the Rankin/Bass classic holiday cartoon.
soooo.. I say Happy birthday

Hi i AM kIP,

I have always been an artist but didnt really believe in myself, so my inner artist slept for a long, long time, "like Rip Van Winkle". Thanks to Southern Fried Studios, the desire to create again and the fact that i needed to use the gift GOD gave me, the artist woke up, and the inner lion roared.
I am new to this, so be patient with me and enjoy the art GOD put in me.

I want to thank:

Southern fried studios
Cresent hill designs
My fiance Taylor
and everybody else in between
cuz we are all in this together
thanks, and God bless
Kip Van Winkle


  1. Happy Birthday! now don't take off the Top Hat! Real happy you found your inner Art again :) Best of all for this new venture I think it is wonderful!!

  2. i love your work, i think its great!!! maybe one day i'll get a peice of your art..