Monday, July 26, 2010


Hello fellow bloggers.
Do I have a story to tell you today.
This is a classic true tale my dad loves to tell and in that tradition of keeping it alive here goes...

a little explanation..
Mr Ed was a man my daddy knew well and daddy would go and visit, so he could hear his stories and his very off center dialect.
Mr Ed can also be seen in the movie Deliverance, as the old man/gas attendant, that dances when they first get to town and pull into the gas station.
The Wooly Daygo is Mr. Ed's explantion to what he saw in the woods while camping.
This story is true and a very good example how simple people were back in the early days.
The locations are still there, Where Mr. Ed camped and the devil's pit are still out on 76 east before you get to the GA/SC bridge. Mr. Ed has been dead for many many years now and this little short story keeps a piece of him alive.
I am going to try my best to type this story out in the very backwoods dialect my dad uses to tell this story.

MR. Ed and The Wooly Daygo
as Mr. Ed

Let me tell you bout what happened to me de udder day
Me went camping in the woods.
Me found the perfect spot to sit camp
Was purdy day, me went huntin bit and got tared and hungry.
so me went back to camp, started little far and put some fat back on to fry.
Me rest little, when see far going out, me went to woods to get sticks to stok up far.
Me return to see Wooly Daygo with hims hand in fryin pan.
Me get my gun ( me guns name is Daddies white powder wonder, cuz it a powder gun me paint white)
me get gun up and tell Wooly Daygo, shoo get away from me fat back
Wooly Daygo no move
Me tell Wooly Daygo move or me shoot if him's dont get hand out of fat back.
Wooly Daygo not move.
So, me take daddies white powder wonder and shoot Wooly Daygo.
Wooly Daygo was dead.
Me didnt know what to do with him, so me took to devil's pit and threw Wooly Daygo into devil's pit and that's where he is still to this day.
The End
The funny part is the follow up to the story
Mr. Ed had seen the Wooly Daygo trying to steal his fat back and he gave him fair warning and then he protected his camp and himself by shooting Wooly Daygo and throughing him in a big sink hole next to the river.
A few months later it was found that the Wooly Daygo was nothing more than an ape that had escaped from a circus that was in the town of Wallhalla, SC. The circus never knew what happened to their ape , but Mr. Ed knew and he told daddy the story in his last years of his life, along with a few more gems of stories and tales.
I hope you enjoyed this tale.
I am going to in the future paint my vision of what went on and offer it to you guys and gals.

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